The Admiral is the player, who plans and commands orders to his/her subordinates and commanders under his/her own will. The main objective of the Admiral is to have the highest ranking and power possible in the game, which can be done through: plundering planets that consists of abundant resources, destroy opposing admirals that stood in his/her path, command the largest fleets that can be bestowed through technological advancements, create a Union that will make most of the friendly admirals that can help the leader and/or their teammates in reaching the highest title or becoming the best looking character around just to make other players jealous of their great artistic skills (otherwise Searching-abilities) in the field.

It is possible for the Admiral to use the default profile picture, or upload their own at a size of 160x160, of 50kb.


Skills are given off to Admirals as they pass further through levels, in which can be gained by earning scores. The scores can be gain through Quests, Domestic work and successful Battles.

You get 3 Skill Points each level that can be used in the three skill categories.

Economic Strategist

Economic Strategist focus helps the Admiral improve then maximize the use of his/her planets. The Skill set utilizes efficiency to the planets making them just as productive as higher level facilities owned by other types of admirals. The skill tree benefits into increasing Ship Production, Facility Construction and Resources Collection.

Points Skill Effect
1 Dept of Commerce α (1) Increase funds gather rate by 2.5%
5 Capital Architect α (1) Decrease Facility construction time by 2.5%
10 Innovative Tech α (1) Decrease Research time by 2.0%
18 Dept of Commerce β (2) Increase funds gather rate by 5.0%
26 Strategic Command α (1) Decrease Ship construction time by 2.0%
31 Armed Forces α (1) Decrease Ship Upgrade time by 2.0%
36 Capitol Architect β (2) Decrease Facility construction time by 4.0%
42 Innovative Tech β (2) Decrease Research time by 4.0%
50 Dept of Commerce γ (3) +7.0% funds gather rate
53 Strategic Command β (2) Decrease Ship construction time by 4.0%
64 Armed Forces β (2) Decrease Ship Upgrade time by 4.0%
73 Geological Survey α (1) +5.0% Metal gather rate
80 Dept of Fuel α (1) +5.0% Gas gather rate
90 Dept of Energy α (1) +5.0% Energy gather rate
99 Capitol Architect γ (3) Decrease Facility construction time by 6.0%
107 Innovative Tech γ (3) Decrease Research time by 6.0%
119 Dept of Commerce δ (4) +10% Funds gather rate
128 Strategic Command δ (4) Decrease Ship construction time by 6.0%
132 Armed Forces γ (3) Decrease Ship upgrade time by 6.0%
150 Master of Resources +10% gather rate for all resources

Military Strategist

Military Strategist focus improves the Admiral's ships in battles, the effects spread throughout the Admiral's ownership on fleets, making regular ships become more versatile than ships from other focuses. These effects are Weaponry, Shields and Domination.

Points Skill Effect
01 Air Force α (1) +3.0% S-Type weaponry
05 Dept of Defense α (1) +3.0% S-Type shields
10 Dept of Transport α (1) +5.0% Speed, all ships
17 Air Force β (2) +3.0% M-type weaponry
22 Dept fo Defense β (2) +3.0% M-type shields
28 Aeronautics Admin α (1) +15% Domination, all ships
34 Air Force γ (3) +3.0% L-type weaponry
43 Dept of Defense γ (3) +3.0% L-type shields
49 Strategic Command α (1) +3.0% shields, all ships (stacks)
52 Strategic Command β (2) +3.0% weaponry, all ships (stacks)
65 Air Force δ (4) +6.0% S-type weaponry
71 Dept of Defense δ (4) +6.0% S-type shields
83 Dept of Transport β (2) +10% speed, all ships
89 Air Force ε (5) +6.0% M-type weaponry
100 Dept fo Defense ε (5) +6.0% M-type shields
110 Aeronautics Admin β (2) +30% Domination, all ships
120 Air Force ζ (6) +6.0% L-type weaponry
130 Dept of Defense ζ (6) +6.0% L-type shields
145 Master of Defense +6.0% shields, all ships (stacks)

District Strategist

District Strategist focus helps the Admiral expand more vastly than usual commanders that uses either Military or Economy. The effects makes the Commanders learn faster, the Admiral's Territory expands increasingly larger, allows a wider deck for the Admiral to have more commanders in his/her will.

Points Skill Effect
01 Marshals Service α (1) +2.5% commander artemachia EXP
05 Domestic Policy α (1) +2.5% commander domestic EXP
10 Dept of Labor α (1) 5.0% decrease in updating commander list
17 Tax Court α (1) 5.0% decrease in fleet maintenance cost
26 Homeland Security α (1) +10% solar systems' defense power recovery rate
32 Marshals Service β (2) +5% commander artemachia EXP
34 Domestic Policy β (2) +5% commander domestic EXP
44 Gloabl Affairs α (1) +2.5% Flag acquisition rate
50 Census Bureau α (1) +2.5% settlement sign-up rate
54 Political Affairs α (1) +2 Deck slots
63 Marshals Service γ (3) +7.5% commander artemachia EXP
70 Domestic Policy γ (3) +7.5% commander domestic EXP
79 Tax Court β (2) 10% decrease in fleet maintenance cost
92 Census Bureau β (2) +5.0% settlement sign-up rate
99 Dept of Labor β (2) 10% decrease in updating commander list
110 Marshals Service δ (4) +10% commander artemachia EXP
115 Domestic Policy δ (4) +10% commander domestic EXP
127 Homeland Security β (2) +20% solar system's defense power recovery rate
133 Global Affairs β (2) +5.0% Flag acquisition rate
150 Master of Politics +5 Deck slots
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