Commanders are subordinates in your stellar system that help improve your planets or lead fleets in battle. They do not work autonomously for your planets and fleets, but they provides certain boosts that gives tactical and strategical edges that will make choices more worthwhile.

Commanders are recruited at an Office

Increasing the level of the Office lowers time between "commander scouting", and in every five levels (minus one from the initial level) allows one more commander in recruitment in every scout.

The Scout [NORMAL] ranges from 1 to 5 commanders. The refresh timer starts after you do a Scout [NORMAL].

You may spend 1,400 Crowns to Scout instantly ([INSTANT!]). In this manner, Scout [NORMAL] is made normally but the refresh timer will not reset or changed.

You may also spend 4,000 Crowns to use Scout [GREAT]. This will also perform the Instant recruitment but the commanders will have greater quality than the usual commanders from the normal recruitment, chances of receiving Uncommon or Rare Commanders are also higher, as the said improvements will happened. Also, the refresh timer will remain unaffected.


Common/Grey, Uncommon/Blue, Rare/Gold, Rare+/Gold, Super Rare/Red, Super Rare+/Red, Ultra Rare/White

Number of ships in formation (3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and Deck Slots


Human, Ereza, Gredia, Android, or Seria Grad

Battle or Domestic Affairs

Formations will depend on the quality of the commander:
Common 3-4, Uncommon 3-5, Rare 4-6, Super Rare 5+, Ultra Rare 7

There will be two separate skill types, both will be categorized between Battle or Domestic.

Command = Increase in current fleet's Weapon Power
Domestic = Resource Bonus for the Owner's Stellar System
Luck = Chances of Salvaging and Frequency of critical attacks
Forces = Max number of ship slots / Office Slots

Common and Uncommon Battle-type Commanders start out with a higher Command and, sometimes, larger Forces = 3 / 4

Common and Uncommon Domestic Affairs Commanders start out with a higher Domestic and Forces = 3

Commanders level up by Building and Upgrading Facilities, and having successful Artemachia, no matter what type the commander is, but it is not recommended to use Domestic Commanders in battles or Battle Commanders in domestic work.


See: Fusion for details.

There are 3 ways to combine Commanders to get a more powerful commander
Fusion costs Honor Medals. Honor Medals are rewards from quests or events.

Level Fusion increases the max level of a commander. This is how you get a commander higher than level 20.

Skill Fusion has a chance to increase a commander's skill level. It also has a very small chance of increasing the fleet size when combining Battle commanders.

Formation Change changes the formation of a commander.


Human have the well known appearances.

Ereza have the appearance of Elves, whose skin color is commonly purple.

Gredia have the appearances of strange tentacle face creatures, most likely they have the ability to swim longer than humans.

Android are robotic but humanoid in nature, but sometimes share some slight similarities characteristics to human beings.

Seria Grad have the appearances of animals covered in fur (Cats or Dogs commonly appeared).


Every single commander has only one skill to effect the ships in his/her fleet or the Admiral's Stellar System while as Chief of Domestic Affairs.

After a skill fusion, most skills appear to increase by 10% of the Lvl 1 skill. Some increase in less than others for balancing purposes.

Domestic Skills

Domestic commanders usually have high levels on Domestic Affairs, or D. Affairs. Usually they are a must as candidates in becoming Chief of Domestic Affairs. They still have initial formations that are used to defend a planet where the Chief is located or relocated to. Take note that Domestic commanders will not increase their fleet size in Skill Fusions. The Domestic Chief, like the rest of the commanders, carries only one skill and remains unchanged in the course of appointment, unless fused upon.

Domestic Skills increases the Admiral's overall capabilities, but only from the Chief of Domestic Affairs. Some increases chances of positive events, some increases the rate of production and there are also skills that improves the Terrene system's overall defense, making Domestic commanders quite useful despite of being outside the battlefield.

Skill Effect Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5
Analyst Funds Gather Rate rate up +8.0%
Apprentice Facility construction up +6% +6.2% +6.4% +6.8%
Banker Funds gather rate up +6.0%
Cadet Medal drop rate up +1.20x
Consultant Settlement sign-up rate up +2.0% +2.2% +2.4%
Environmentalist Energy gather rate up +6.0% +6.6%
Flag Maker Flag Acquisition rate up +2.0% +2.2% +2.4% +2.8%
Financier Funds gather rate up +10.0% +11% +12%
Formulator Gas gather rate up +6.0%
Gas Expert Gas gather rate up +10.0%
Hitman Pirate detection rate up +18%
Hunter Pirate detection rate up +6.6%
Keeper Solar System defense +100
L-Type Shipwright L-ship construction rate, planetary +7.0% +7.7% +8.4%
M-Type Shipwright M-ship construction rate, planetary +7.0% +7.7% +8.4%
Mechanic Ship Maintenance rate up +9.0% +9.9% +10.8%
Miner Metal gather rate up +6.0%
Philosopher Player score up +3.0% +3.2%
S-Type Shipwright S-ship construction rate, planetary +7.0% +7.7% +8.4%
Shipbuilder Ship construction rate+, planetary +9.0%
Shipwright Ship construction, planetary +6.0% +6.6% +7.2%
Student Research Rate up +2.0% +2.2% +2.4% +2.6% +2.8%
Weaponsmith Weapon Upgrade Rate +6.0%

Battle Skills

Battle Commanders usually have high Command (Cmd.) and moderately increased luck, in which mostly increase the fleet's battle effectiveness. They individually carry one skill, like the Domestic commanders, but some skills provide versatility that boost more than one characteristic at once. Some skills are even specific of what ship type can be increased, thus encouraging a commander to have one type.

Skill Effect Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7
S-Type Cannoneer S-Plasma weaponry +9.0% +9.9% +10.8%
S-Type Grenadier Skill S-Torpedo weaponry +9.0% +9.9% +10.8%
S-Type Ionizer S-Plasma weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
S-Type Missileer Skill S-Torpedo weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
S-Type Sharpshooter S-Plasma and Torpedo weaponry +3.0% +3.9%
M-Type Defender All M-ships shields +4.0% +4.4% +4.8%
M-Type Ionizer M-Plasma weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
M-Type Missileer M-Torpedo weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
L-Type Grenadier L-Torpedo weaponry +9.0% +9.9% +10.8%
L-Type Ionizer L-Plasma weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
L-Type Missileer L-Torpedo weaponry +6.0% +6.6% +7.2% +7.8% +8.4% +9.0%
Armorer All shields, all ships +3.0% +3.3% +3.6%
Cadet Medal drop rate up +1.20x +1.24x
Cartographer Speed, all ships +10% +11% +12% +13%
Conquistador Domination, all ships +30% +33% +36% +39% +42%
Diffuser Plasma shields +7.0% +7.7% +8.4%
Dominator Domination, all ships +20% +22% +24% +28% +32% +36%
Mitigator Plasma shields, all ships +5.0% +5.5% +6.0% +6.5% +7.0%
Paladin All shields, all ships +1.20x +1.22x +1.23x
Striker Critical hit rate +1.50x +1.72x +1.87x +1.95x
Safeguard Torpedo shields, all ships +5.0% +5.5% +6.0%
Trooper Sortie recovery rate +5%
Vigilante All shields, all ships +5.0% +5.5% +6.0%


See: Formations for details

Most Commanders will have a 3 or 4 ship formation.
5-ship formations are rare, theorized 5% of the chances.
6-ship formations are uniquely rare on common commanders, but most times appear on Rare or Super-Rare Rank Commander.

Ships are arranged in a 6x7 grid


Some examples:

3-leo-minor.jpg 4-sculptor.jpg 5-draco.jpg 6-centaurus.JPG
Leo Minor Sculptor Draco Centaurus
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