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Facilities are buildings on the Admiral's colonized planets. They perform specific and crucial functions for the player to allow Ship Construction, Research and Production.

Most facilities can be built in the Admiral's home planet, or Terrene. In other planets, on the other hand, have Ancillaries to boost a planet's production as response of corresponding types of Ancillaries built.

Initially, all Facilities have a maximum level of 10, but in full research in the technology tree, they can be upgraded to level 20.

Facility Terrene Colony Asteroid Demolish Purpose
Resource Nodes Yes Yes Generates from [30 to 1,150] Resources per hour (L15)
Government Yes Generates 1 Flag every [16 to 12] hours (L10)
Research Laboratory Yes Lowers research time by [100% to 30%] (L20)
Headquarters Yes Manages Commanders, open up from [20 to 30] Deck Slots (L20)
Storehouse Yes Yes Yes Store from [+1,000 to +750,000] resources (L20)
Hangar Yes Yes Yes Yes Store [20 to 400] unused ships (L20)
S-Type Ship Factory Yes Yes Yes Yes Build S-Type ships from [100% to 20%] build time (L20)
Office Yes Hire [1 to 5] new commanders every [24 to 16 hours] (L20)
Weapons Laboratory Yes Decrease upgrade time by [100% to 20%] (L20)
Settlement Center Yes Yes Yes Generate [50 to 100] signups per hour
Industrial Base Yes Decrease Facility construction time by [93% to 30%] (level 20)
Trade Center Yes Convert resources (self only) from [35% to 60%] (level 20)
Defense Base Yes Yes Yes Yes Raise Defense of Solar System from [+50 to +1,000] (level 20)
M-Type Ship Factory Yes Yes Yes Yes Build M-Type ships from [100% to 20%] build time (L20)
Defense System Yes Yes Yes Bonus of [100.2% to 105%] to defending ships (level 20)
L-Type Ship Factory Yes Yes Yes Yes Build L-Type ships from [100% to 20%] build time (L20)
Satellite Yes Yes Adds [102% to 125%] bonus to all resources nodes (level 20)
Metal Ancillary Yes Yes Increases metal production in nodes by [102% to 125%] (level 20)
Gas Ancillary Yes Yes Increases gas production in nodes by [102% to 125%] (level 20)
Energy Ancillary Yes Yes Increases energy production in nodes by [102% to 125%] (level 20)
Market Ancillary Yes Yes Increases fund income in nodes by [102% to 125%] (level 20)
Radar 1 Yes Pirate spawn time lowered by [95% to 50%] (level 20)
Boot Camp 1 Yes Reserve commanders receive from [0.2% to 5.0%] XP of active commanders (level 20)

Note: Satellites are built in the Planet's view along with the Resource nodes, but separately from the facilities.

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