Defense System
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Can be built on a colony or an asteroid.
Cannot be built on the Terrene planet.


Military > Interception
1 = Construct Defense System LVL 5 = 2,500 resources and 2,000 score
2 = Construct Defense System LVL 10 = 5,000 resources and 10,000 score
3 = Research System Renovation and construct Defense System LVL 15 =
4 = Research System Mastery and construct Defense System LVL 20 =

Defense System


Initial: Boosts shields and weaponry to all fleets left on defense. Combines systems on all planets.

Level Up: Increases the bonus given to defending fleets.

Level Effect Metal Gas Energy Funds Time
1 +100.3% 890 280 730 690 0:00:00
2 + 100.6% 1,513 476 1,241 1,173 44:00 x L10
System Renovation
Level Metal Gas Energy Funds Time Effect
System Mastery
Level Metal Gas Energy Funds Time Effect
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