Formations are used by the Commanders in battle to handle certain ships in Raids, Expeditions and Reinforcements.

They are divided into Zones with two columns in each zone. Odd numbered columns are in the forward line while even numbered columns are in the rear line.
In battle, fleet-to-fleet attacks begin from front to back by zone until all the ships in either zone (the Attacker or the Defender) are destroyed, in this case, ships in the forward line are usually targeted before ships in the rear line.
Ships in the top rows are usually targeted before ships in the bottom rows.

The First zone of the battlefield will be the first one to be destroyed. If the zone is empty, another zone will take its place, and again. The ships in the current zone will remain in the line of fire regardless of their vertical positions, but this can affect the damage distribution of the ships.

Zone A = Columns 1 and 2
Zone B = Columns 3 and 4
Zone C = Columns 5 and 6
Zone D = Column 7?


<-- Front
A [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
B [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
C [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
D [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
E [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
   1  2  3  4  5  6  7

3 Fleet Formations

3-aquila.jpg 3-capricornus.jpg 3-leo-minor.jpg 3-triangulum.jpg
Aquila Capriconus Leo Minor Triangulum

4 Fleet Formations

4-crane.jpg 4-flying-fish.jpg 4-inner-steps.jpg 4-microscopium.jpg
Crane Flying Fish Inner Steps Microscopium
4-sagitta.jpg 4-sculptor.jpg 4-telescopium.jpg 4-triangulum-australe.jpg
Sagitta Sculptor Telescopium Triangulum Australe
4-tucana.jpg 4-vela.jpg 4-vulpecula.jpg
Tucana Vela Vulpecula

5 Fleet Formations

There are 3 secret formations

5-antlia.jpg 5-ara.jpg 5-bootes.jpg 5-caelum.jpg
Antlia Ara Bootes Caelum
5-cassiopeia.jpg 5-chamaeleon.jpg 5-columba.jpg 5-coma-berenices.jpg
Cassiopeia Chamaeleon Columba Coma Berenices
5-corona-australis.jpg 5-corona-borealis.jpg 5-corvus.jpg 5-crater.jpg
Corona Australis Corona Borealis Corvus Crater
5-crux.jpg 5-cygnus.jpg 5-delphinus.jpg 5-dorado.jpg
Crux Cygnus Delphinus Dorado
5-draco.jpg 5-equuleus.jpg 5-eridanus.jpg 5-fornax.jpg
Draco Equuleus Eridanus Fornax
5-grus.jpg 5-hercules.jpg 5-horologium.jpg 5-hydrus.jpg
Grus Hercules Horologium Hydrus
5-indus.jpg Pinwheel.png lepus.png unknown.JPG
Indus ★ Pinwheel Rare 1: Lepus C5 Rare 2
C5 Rare 3


6 Fleet Formations

6-canes-venatici.JPG 6-centaurus.JPG 6-cephus.JPG 6-cetus.JPG
Canes Venatici Centaurus Cephus Cetus
6-lyra.JPG 6-mensa.JPG 6-monoceros.JPG 6-musca.JPG
Lyra Mensa Monoceros Musca
6-norma.JPG 6-octans.JPG 6-ophiuchus.JPG 6-pavo.JPG
Norma Octans Ophiuchus Pavo
6-pegasus.JPG 6-phoenix.JPG 6-pictor.JPG 6-puppis.JPG
Pegasus Phoenix Pictor Puppis
6-pyxis.JPG 6-reticulum.JPG 6-scutum.JPG 6-serpens.JPG
Pyxis Reticulum Scutum Serpens
6-sextans.JPG unknown.JPG unknown.JPG unknown.JPG
Sextans C6 Rare 1 C6 Rare 2 C6 Rare 3
    Canis Minor (Asteroid)
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7
<-- Front

7-Fleet Formations

Altair.png Andromeda.png Aquarius.png Aries(1).png
Altair Andromeda Aquarius Aries
Auriga.png Cancer.png Capricorn.png Cerberus.png
Auriga Cancer Capricorn Cerberus
Gemini.png Hydra.png Leo.png Libra.png
Gemini Hydra Leo Libra
Orion.png Perseus.png Pices.png Saggitarius.png
Orion Perseus Pisces Saggitarius
Scorpio.png Virgo.png Taurus.png unknown.JPG
Scorpio Virgo Rare 1: Taurus Rare 2
Rare 3
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