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Materials are used to upgrade ships

Go to the Ship Table and click on a ship name to see upgrade details.

There are six types of materials:

Material Primary Secondary
bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α (Alpha) Upgrade Tier I Upgrade Tier II
bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β (Beta) Upgrade Tier II Upgrade Tier I, Tier III
bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg γ (Gamma) Upgrade Tier III Upgrade Tier II Delta
bs-icon-4delta-m.jpg δ (Delta)
bs-icon-5epsilon-m.jpg ε (Epsilon)
bs-icon-6omega-m.jpg Ω (Omega)

Materials are gained by:

  1. Raiding or skirmishing Resource Planets and Giant Planets
  2. Attacking Pirates
  3. Completing quests

Farming materials is done through brute force.
You need 60 Alpha mats and 10 Beta mats to fully upgrade any tier I ship.
If you plan on a drop rate of 20%, then you need to run around 300 sorties to get the needed materials.

Mat Drop Table

Drops from Civ 2 and Civ 3 systems are much lower than drops from Civ 1 systems

Primary = majority of drops
Secondary = Less than number of primary drops
Rare = more than 1, less than secondary drops
Very rare = 1 or less than rare drops

Type Primary Secondary Rare Very Rare
Civ 1 bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg + bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg α+β bs-icon-6omega-m.jpg Ω
Civ 2 bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α and bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg γ
Civ 3 bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β and bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg γ bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg + bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg α+β bs-icon-4delta-m.jpg δ
Civ 4 bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg γ and bs-icon-4delta-m.jpg δ and bs-icon-5epsilon-m.jpg ε and bs-icon-6omega-m.jpg Ω bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg+bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg α+β
Civ 5 bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg β bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg α bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg γ
bs-icon-4delta-m.jpg δ
bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg+bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg β+γ
bs-icon-1alpha-m.jpg+bs-icon-2beta-m.jpg+bs-icon-3gamma-m.jpg+bs-icon-5epsilon-m.jpg α+β+γ+ε
Civ 6
Civ 7
Civ 8
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Civ 10
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Asteroid 6
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Giant Planet 8
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Giant Planet 10
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