Ravens Nest

The nest for ravens.


The name Raven's Nest comes from the popular video game series Armored Core. As such, its not uncommon to see many coordinated missions being handled from within union chat at any given time. Raven's Nest exhibits a strong leadership, coordination skills, and courage throughout many sectors, with Beta being its largest area.

At the mid point of July, Raven's Nest had gone to war with 7star, a user without bounds or control on himself or his own union. After abolishing an agreement with user 'Riney', a few days later he would declare war. Without victory, 7star quickly faded after a crushing defeat at his homeworld.

Raven's Nest currently is a peace seeking organization, with no intent on war or warmongering. However provoked, Raven's Nest can and will strike back.

Currently recruitment is open, search 'RavensNest' on the rankings or in the Recruit Members button. We are quite large as of late, and may be full, though you can always send a message if that happens.

Chain of Command:
Leader: Lingie
Co Leader: Riney

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