Ships are military units that are used by the Admiral through his/her Commanders to perform series of military actions at his/her will.

Every ship has the ability to colonize a planet inside the Admiral's home solar system.

Ship Table

For an overview of ship stats, see the Ship Table page.

Ship types

These ships are all divided into three categories, Small or S-type, Medium or M-type and Large or L-type. All these ships are in balance of power, unless tiers are the difference, but they all are in a Rock-Paper-Scissor rule, in which:

S-types are effective against L-types.
M-types are effective against S-types.
L-types are effective against M-types.

As a result, one ship type focus won't be able to defeat certain admirals who are using other types that are effective to the focus.


Most ships have two types of weapons in their disposal, these two are Torpedo and Plasma weapons. Certain ships have one weapon type stronger than the other, there are also two kinds of ships that carry one type of weapon.

In this way, the effectiveness of ship types can be voided with certain amounts of damage in one weapon type, but this can also bring certain weaknesses.

A Commander can also increase the strength of one weapon by his/her skill and by his/her 'Command' value.


Shields protect the ships from receiving damage from weapons-harnessing ships. Despite of the shields dauntingly small number they still can be a very crucial part to increase survivability of the ships.

Shields are also categorized in two types, Torpedo shields and Plasma shields.

One good benefit of the shields is that upgrading a shield of a ship upgrades both shield types at once.


It is the number of damage for a ship to take before it can be destroyed.

This attribute can only be upgraded through the Union Bonds in the Union.


It is a special attribute that allows a ship to capture an Asteroid or a Giant Planet. The total number of domination in fleet will tell how much damage against Defense Powers of certain territories.


Speed is how fast ships can travel in a period of time.

The actual speed of the fleet can be determined by the slowest moving ship of the fleet itself.


This is the ideal divisor of the value strength of each ship which are the S-type and M-type ships.

S-types and M-types do look like individual ships but they are actually a squad adding the total value of the full ship being built in the shipyard, compared to L-type ships.

In battle, there are 6 units in an S-type, and there 3 units in an M-type, leaving the L-type as 1 unit.

And so, this example will determine the actual power of a single S-type:

Ship Primary Secondary Shields Durability Domination Speed
S-I Improvied Ship A Squad T 270 270 300 P 150 150 180 40 40 1800 6 10
S-I Improvied Ship A T 45 45 50 P 25 25 30 40 40 300 6 10

Note: Domination and Speed will remain the same as the fleets regain them after battles. Shield will also remain the same since the squad receives damage as a whole.

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